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  Room construction project includes the following specific system: 1, room decoration system 2, 3 room UPS and power distribution systems, precision air-conditioned room 4, room 5 new exhaust, room access management 6, 7 room monitoring system, the engine room gas fire 8, 9 lightning protection and grounding equipment room, computer room cabling system 10, anti-static floor.
  In the increasingly high degree of information technology today, serving as information processing and exchange of important data center room is the entire information network engineering, data processing centers and data exchange center, the room works directly affects the quality of a company's normal operation.
  It brings together a number of basic engineering design engineering organization experienced architects, electrical, HVAC, automation and other professional engineers, with their own integrated in the communication network system, integrated wiring technology, weak control and other areas, as well as information communications networking industry for many years of engineering experience.

Finishing room
  Due to the lack of room management, network cable into a spider's web, you need to increase the line and label management, personnel and equipment, increasing the cabinets and integrated wiring. Finishing room is not just for aesthetic room after finishing a good performance room equipment room environment will play a significant role to play.
  Usually on weekends or holidays during construction, can not affect the work of employees working on the network and use the telephone, to do preliminary research work in advance, such as the employee's extension; both ends of the network cable telephone lines correspondingly numbered; Do you want to pull the like. Or on a weekend leave, to go to a, overtime, until the working day employees at work is a new face of the network system, Shanghai Jin Electronics Co., Ltd. with rich experience in the transformation of the room and finishing; The following is a finite Shanghai companies organize a room case pictures.

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