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Public Broadcasting System
     Public Broadcasting System referred to the PA system. It refers to the independent broadcasting system enterprises or self-contained inside buildings. Because such a system service area dispersion distance between the speaker and amplification equipment away, we need a very long line to send out audio signals, so the public broadcasting system is also called a cable broadcast system.
   The main forms of broadcasting sound system, modern architecture broadcast audio systems typically are the following forms: public broadcasting, broadcasting rooms, conference room audio, various halls audio, home audio, simultaneous translation system.
   1, Public broadcasting public broadcasting system is provided in a variety of public places, you can play radio stations, broadcast programs and chanting homemade notification, reporting, etc., when fires and other accidents, it also serves as an emergency broadcasting. Background music is generally higher than the volume of the noise scene 5-9dB, so that the body can easily reach Wyatt effect stream notification, paging, and other broadcast background music, with a "ding-dong" or "bell" and tone, to awaken the public's attention.
   2、Room broadcasting modern hotel rooms are equipped with radio, broadcasting rooms offer advanced music enjoyment tenant, to create a comfortable environment to rest. In order to meet people's different preferences, the general number of sets of programs for tenant selection, the choice of rooms with a broadcast program selection, volume control and strong cut function program switch, and mounted on the bedside cabinet control panel. Speakers typically installed in the control cabinet bedside, but luxury hotels are usually mounted on the wall or speaker to speaker embedded in the ceiling.
     Hotel Rooms broadcasting system consists of a central control room and the emergency broadcast system inserted therein. When the emergency broadcast, room either in the open or closed state, can automatically turn on the accident broadcast to the rooms to the police.
   3、conference rooms, lecture halls and other audio broadcasting system
     Such systems must have background music and emergency broadcast function, they are generally attached to the broadcast output by the central control room of the control box, ceiling-mounted speakers embedded in the walls or hanging speakers, fret and control box connected to the speaker volume is controlled by a switch on the control panel. Further, in the case of this type are generally provided with amplifiers on the control box panel output jack connected to the power amplifier.
   4、multi-function hall sound
     Multi-purpose hall with a public area of the background music, and a volume control switch; in case of emergency, public radio broadcast automatically pick from the accident. In addition to public broadcasting function rooms, its own as well as a complete set of broadcasting, film and television system. A large auditorium and theater sound system similar to the multi-purpose hall, but the greater its power output, higher quality requirements.
   5、simultaneous translation system
     In the conference rooms, function rooms, etc. are generally installed simultaneous translation system, simultaneous translation system by simultaneous translation from one language into another, or two or more languages. Its signal transmission is divided into both wired and wireless.

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