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  Video conferencing systems, English is (Video Conference System), also known as video conferencing systems, video conferencing systems, including software and hardware video conferencing systems, it refers to two or more individuals or groups in different places, through various existing telecommunication transmission media, will be a variety of information character static and dynamic image, voice, text, pictures, etc. distributed to the individual user's computer, so that users can geographically dispersed copolymer one, through graphics, sound and other exchange of information, increasing the ability to understand both the content. Currently video conferencing is moving towards multi-network collaboration, high-definition, development in the direction of developing.

Video conferencing market booming

  Into the 21st century, the market continued the rapid growth of video conferencing, video conferencing has become an important tool for collaborative work and interaction. CCID Consulting data show that the videoconferencing market will be an annual growth rate of about 20% of the development. Video conferencing has become the most effective people in real-time interactive communication tool.

  In today's interactive video has become known to the public means of communication, coupled with the communication media - television, regardless of the popularity of flat-panel LCD or fast, sharp price cuts; video conferencing manufacturers products mature and market sales for a long time to reduce costs and bring Bandwidth of rapid development, the best time has come for video operation. Under the premise of the time is ripe, it is necessary to accurately locate video operations of the target audience.

Huge enterprise video market
  Wainhouse research report: there are 810,000 enterprises have three or more branches, 69,000 enterprises have more than 10 branches, but less than one in a thousand enterprises to deploy video conferencing systems, is expected to have more than more than half of enterprises in the future will have to deploy video conferencing systems.

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