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Product name: Hybrid IP PBX phone system KX-TDA100\200\600
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1、flexibility, reliability, cost-effective control of communication, ease of use and many other advantages

2、possess QSIG protocol functions / VOIP technology / Automatic Cost Routing (ARS) effective control communications costs

3、CTI ensure compatibility play a central role in small call centers, intelligent and effective control of all business calls

meet your business communication needs, providing intelligent solutions

make communication easier

feel more convenient communication

reduce costs


prepare for the future design philosophy

Alphanumeric display

easy to read backlit display

Multi-language compatibility

PC Console and PC Phone (KX-T7636 and KX-T7633)

attachment Port (XDP) and Digital XDP [*]

ergonomically designed, 4 adjustable tilt angle

Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) - System Overview

freer, clearer

increase your business value system administrator efficient traffic handling

higher efficiency, greater customer satisfaction

continue to reduce telephone costs

VoIP technology access and networking 


Meet your business communication needs, providing intelligent solutions

Panasonic Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) system is a powerful communications tool designed specifically for the Internet age today changes in the design.

Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) system combines PBX (user-level switches) functionality and stability of IP technology, fully reflects Panasonic's leadership in the same industry. The combination of these advanced technologies can bring you a high-performance business communication system and provides advanced traffic and message solutions. Efficient and flexible mode of communication, DECT wireless flexibility, IP networking capability, voice over IP transmission, plug and play USB connection ports and PC trace connections.

Panasonic has consistently advocated the series of user-friendly interface in a hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) system can be fully demonstrated. For IP experience even a few users is also very easy to operate. Applications for the Internet and broadband technology to bring revolutionary changes in the whole area of business, Panasonic Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) system in line with today's cutting-edge technology and features that revolutionize your company's communication.

Make communication easier

Panasonic digital phone stylish design, simple operation, high efficiency performance.

With up to 20-character ID display, large and easy to read 6-line display with backlight, clear message / ringing lamp for quick and simple navigation keys, a more flexible four adjustable angle, Plug and Play USB terminal to provide a more simple way connected to the PC.

Feel more convenient communication

Universal solutions we offer to bring you a wide range of applications. Flexibility of wireless handsets, allowing you to place any company can make and receive important calls, excellent messaging solution greatly improved service. Advanced call center features greatly enhance the communication efficiency and to provide efficient services to your customers. Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) so that the traffic distribution, agent management, office phone systems control more convenient. CTI and TAPI compatible with standard protocols CSTA, Panasonic Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) can be used as a powerful high value-added core device center CTI system.

Cut the costs

All companies are required to reduce business cost, easy to use, and reliable inter-network system. Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) via a VoIP gateway converts voice signals into IP packets, so you can use the VoIP technology on existing telephone equipment. Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) support QSIG * protocol, effective build corporate voice network. Automatic Route Selection (ARS) can choose the most economical call routing. In addition to reducing costs, VoIP technology and networking also allows you more convenient access to the company's internal network.

* QSIG is a standard digital networking protocol. Support ISDN BRI QSIG features PBX (user-level switches) system can use QISG network.


Before the strict quality control system and factory tested to ensure the Panasonic Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) system reliability. Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) is also designed to fast, easy to maintain, greatly reduce the system failure rate. You can change or add modules without interrupting system operation.

Preparing for the future design philosophy

Hybrid IP PBX (user-level switches) can be associated with your company's growth and escalating, the system can access the IP phones, IP cameras, as well as other upcoming new products.

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